140 – Podcastober 7 : Return the Dead to Hell


A Happy Podcastober to all of you! Such an exciting time of year filled with horror movies and fun for all! If you’re a regular listener you’re probably already familiar with this odd but fun tradition, and if you’re new to the show then you also have a lot to be excited about. This is without a doubt my favorite episode that we put out. I just love the whole thing.

So what is it? Well we both pick a weird campy non-traditional horror movie and then we watch them back to back together. The episode is us breaking them down for you in great detail. You’re welcome.

Seriously though it’s great and you should tell your friends about it.


It’s spooky time here at A Trouble with Words! Podcastober has arrived, just like it does every year, and we’re ready to chinwag about a couple of scary (this is a stretch, even for me, the scarediest of cats) movies! It’s a fun time and one of my favorite ATWW traditions! Enjoy



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Topics mentioned: Return of the Living Dead Part 2, Drag Me To Hell

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