136 – Game Night!


Some people are saying that we’re a day late posting a new episode. We here at A Trouble with Words refuse to comment on rumors or unsubstantiated accusations. Therefore we will at no point be discussing how we just kind of lost track and how you should really give us a pass this time.
Tell you what we will comment on though. How great this show is, how we’re trying out a new segment about board games called Game Night, and how we think you’ll like it. Tabletop gaming is very important to Justin, and I certainly like it enough that we should be talking about it more. This will allow us that opportunity on a more regular basis if we want. Isn’t podcasting fun?


It’s an A Trouble with Words Game Night!
This is the first part of what I hope will become a recurring series of episodes focused on boardgames. Maybe they won’t pop up as much as television shows, movies, or video games, but I love board games a whole lot and it seems a shame not to talk about them every now and then then. And if board games aren’t your thing, don’t worry – we stay on topic about as well as we ever do, so there’s plenty of the usual tangents and offshoots.
See you next time!



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