134 – Just the Sketches Vol. 8


There’s this rumor going around that whenever we can’t make a deadline we just throw up a collection of our sketches from the end of previous episodes. Obviously that is untrue and completely not what’s happening here. We just wanted to give you something that is positive in an otherwise . . . yeah ok we had no time.

At least we didn’t record an episode with my phone while driving to a game day. Can you imagine?


Hello from Utah!
We’re bad at planning and I’m in Salt Lake City for work, so no new episode – except for *this* new episode of Sketches that you might’ve heard once, but never all in a row like this! It’s a sketchtacular! A sketchtravaganza! A sketchapolooza! It’s roughly 30 minutes of recycled material, what do you want from us?



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Topics mentioned: Sketches from episodes 110-116

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