132 – Without a Paddle


Sometimes we get to tell you about good shows that you otherwise might never have heard of. This is one of those times. I don’t have any jokes or clever things to say, no theme that ties back to the title so it has multiple meanings. I just think you should watch Schitt’s Creek and I hope this spoiler free episode convinces you to do it.

Thanks for listening!


This episode is about a great show of which you may not have heard, Schitt’s Creek.
It’s a real humdinger, and I hope you enjoy it, and Schitt’s Creek, which is just excellent.
I also want to add, in the episode, I mention that seasons one and two of Letterkenny are now available on Hulu – this is not the case, but soon will be. Seasons one and two of Letterkenny will be available on Hulu in the US as of July 13th. Mark your calendars, because it’s seriously a fantastic show and I want to show Hulu, and the makers of Letterkenny that there’s an American audience for this show.
And Schitt’s Creek is on Netflix right now, so watch that, then watch Letterkenny on July 13th.
I mean, listen to this episode, and then do that.
Then come back here on the 15th for another episode of A Trouble with Words!



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