131 – Party of One


I was worried that if I threw a party and invited everyone that loved Solo to it, I would be the only one there. Everyone seemed so down on this movie before it had even come out, and I have to admit I was one them. I mean I’m not even much of a Star Wars fan truthfully but even I could tell the movies were disappointing more than just myself (haters of diversity aside). It very much seemed like a cash grab that would be remembered as an empty story in a dying universe. Then I saw it and was blown away. No joke. This is without question one of (if not the best) stories in the franchise. Listen to find out the spoiler free reasons why that is.

Also if I did throw such a party would you come? What kind of cups should I get?

As always thanks for your continued support! See you next time!


It’s a Solo party up in here! With both of us!
A Solo Duo, if you will! And you’re here too! What fun! It’s a real party now! A real fiesta! That means party in Spanish! Thanks, Duolingo!
Anyway, we watched the new Star Wars movie and, guess what? We both loved it! Fuck the haters! Enjoy the show!



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