114 – No Defense


This episode feels off somehow. That’s not to say it isn’t good, as I think it certainly has its moments. It’s just always an odd feeling to have to do something a second time. We did this once and then lost the files, so here we are trying again. It’s fine. I say we lost the files but that’s not exactly true is it? I did, and it haunts me every day like something out of a horror movie. Transition into talking about Podcastober.

Podcastober is soon. Transition into talking about next week. Before that though is an episode where we try something new, and I think you’ll like it. Check back to experience that. Thanks for listening!


Hey there, A Trouble with Words Listener, or web-crawling-robot-type-thing, as those are the only two things you could be to be reading this, how are you?
Me? I’m fine, yeah. You know, living the dream. Just doing my best to keep the reality of existence as far from the front of my mind as I can! Good times!
This episode is our second try at covering the Netflix original program, Marvel’s The Defenders, which is only slightly awkward written down, but as a show, made immeasurably more awkward by the continued presence of Danny Rand.
I hope you like it – our show, I don’t care if you like Marvel’s The Defenders – and please come back on the 15th for a fun, new segment, the name of which is still up in the air. Then, on Halloween, it’s everyone’s favorite event, Podcastober!



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Topics mentioned: The Defenders, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist

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