113 – Time for a Change

It’s absurd that Wonder Woman is the first time a female lead superhero film has come out since the boom of shared universes. We’re saturated by movies in that genre right now and there’s certainly plenty of well loved source material to pull from. I’m just glad that it was as fantastic as it was, because studios seem to just be looking for a reason to prevent stuff like this from being made. Which is crazy because of more reasons than I can count. The most obvious and least noble being that there is money to be made exploring this potentially untapped market. Stupid hollywood executives and their traditionally closed minds to change.

Speaking of change. We’re thinking of doing some experimental episodes where we take a few risks with this show. See how it goes. Talk about real issues while playing some games for instance. Maybe more video related things and maybe something else. I don’t know exactly because in all honesty we’re figuring it out still. Sky’s the limit though.

Share with your friends and keep listening to see what we do next. Anything could happen!


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
Let’s rock!
And by rock, I mean, gently float into the sweet, sweet oblivion of that long, final sleep; the final sleep that will be the eventual reward for all that has transpired, all that is currently transpiring, and all that has yet to trans or spire at all.
Listen, I’m *real* tired, just roll with it.
Get hype, fuckers, ’cause this episode, *this* episode, oh boy, this episode is gonna knock your socks off, only to then make gentle, yet passionate love to those socks. Trust me, it’s better they’re off your feet before the serious lovemaking gets underway.
I sincerely hope you enjoy this episode, because if you don’t I’ll feel bad for wasting your time.
I love you, and I hope you’re succeeding at whatever it is you’re getting up to.



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