107 – Another Mix Tape


Remember that time we did an episode on that crazy Marvel movie with all the colors and weird characters? With the gun toting raccoon? The one that had no right being one of the best movies in an already fantastic extended universe? Well they made a sequel.

Listen as we get two guests to join us in a discussion about just how successful they were in bringing it back. I didn’t cry . . . you did!

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It’s another episode of the show that we got to record in person!
Those are the best ones!

I can’t believe we’re in mid-June already.
Like, we *just* got rid of all the snow up here a few weeks ago. Now it’s 90° and I can’t sleep because it’s too damn hot.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the show, I think it’s a good’un. If you do, share it around on the social media! Make your friends listen to your favorite episode! Help us spread the good words, and the trouble that we have with them!
Thanks for listening!



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