104 – Hissy Fist

A subpar episode of A Trouble with Words covering a subpar Netflix MCU superhero show. That pretty much sums up what you can expect here.

We had to meet by Skype and life is harder than it should be, but we did it. Somehow. Much like Iron Fist proves, they can’t all be winners. That said it’s important you hear our controversial take on this as I think it might surprise you. We address everything.

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for much better episodes to come! We’re pretty ok at this when we can get our crap together.


Hello folks, welcome to the first of May!
You know what they say about best laid plans – they never work out for anyone ever, and you just shouldn’t ever try at anything because the universe is a cruel and uncaring vacuum, and there is nothing it delights in more, than being completely oblivious to your wants and needs.
What I’m saying is, we’ve been meaning to get together for a couple of weeks, and it just hasn’t panned out. Which, you know, sucks – and not just because I don’t get to hang out with my best friend, but we don’t get to record in the same room on the *good* mic, and I don’t even get to record on skype with the *good* mic, because I asked Josh to carry it home from PAX, and I haven’t seen it (or him) since.
All that is to say, the audio quality on this one isn’t so great. Well, *my* audio quality isn’t so great; Josh’s is fine, he had the *good* mic.



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