103 – Just the Sketches Vol. 5

I went to PAX East and then almost immediately to Disney World for a week. I got sick and had a killer migraine when I got back, yet despite all of that we were ready to get an episode out. Yes it was going to have to be over Skype and not in person, but we had several new topics we’ve been eager to discuss and sacrifices had to be made. Then just as the set up process to record began, we both realized at the same time . . . that I had all of the mics.

So you get sketches again.

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Hello folks,
We’re halfway through the month of April, and it’s time for everyone’s favorite sketch amalgamation, A Trouble with Words: Just the Sketches!
It’s all the sketches you may have heard before, but this time, they’re all lumped together! It’s like, instead of eating dessert at the end of a meal, you decided to eat an entire cheesecake in one sitting! And just as good for you!



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Topics mentioned:Collection of sketches from Ep 77 – 88

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