094 – The Darndest Things


In this very special episode of A Trouble with Words we hear from Justin’s daughter Claire. She talks to us about all sorts of things, including the election and her current favorite video games and TV shows. It’s a bit chaotic and lacking any real direction . . . much like our lives right now. So in the spirit of finding meaning where there isn’t any, please enjoy this well thought out metaphor of an episode.

Also I couldn’t resist complaining a little about Destiny and its philosophy of trying to take our money. I guess I’m just in a mood.

So that said I’ll simply leave you with a happy holidays and a great big see you next time! Thanks for listening.

The end.


Sometimes a plan comes together.
Sometimes you don’t have a plan, but something comes together anyway.
Such is the case with this episode, the second to feature my daughter, Claire.
It’s been a little while since she was on last, and she was very excited to join us again.
The episode is all over the place, but in a very agreeable sort of way.
I hope you enjoy it!



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