079 – Math Jokes


In todays episode we talk about a great show that you should be watching. It’s popular and rated well while also somehow remaining under most peoples radar. Probably because it’s about nerdy geek types and not superheroes. Also there’s a lot of bad stuff that happens to the characters and nothing goes well for them in the long run. Anyone not watching is missing out because obviously it’s a lot of fun.

Stay tuned next time for our annual PAX EAST video episode. Stay tuned after that for more safe superhero stuff. Specifically something we’re doing with Batman V Superman . . .

What an exciting time to be alive!


Hello My Friends,

How’s everyone doing? Good? Great!
Me? Oh, I’m doing alright. Just happy to get another quality episode out the door ON TIME MOTHERTRUCKERS!
Once again, it was down to the wire, but I casted that pod to Joshington a whole 30 minutes before it was supposed to go up. How do you like those apples?
Speaking of apples, have you tried Honeycrisps? Holy shit! So good!
Love you!



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Topics mentioned: Silicon Valley, Pirates of Silicon Valley, Yogi Bear 3D, Deadpool, Walking Dead

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