065 – Trust Your Gut


This episode is about the Alien Quadrilogy and its many charming aspects. It was also recorded on my birthday celebration weekend, where we watched all of said movies in a row and ate too much junk food. Lindsey was there for the Aliens and to defend her title of most frequent guest. Also the junk food. Did I mention how much junk food we ate?

Needless to say, by the time we recorded all three of us were convinced we were pregnant with . . . something.

Thanks for tuning in! See you next episode!


Hello Folks, and welcome to another stimulating episode of A Trouble with Words! Stimulating? Stimulating! Sexually!
Ok, maybe not sexually, unless you’re super into sex with an organism that can literally disembowel you, and actually requires that you are already partially alien yourself due to an unfortunate cloning project performed by a faceless, malevolent super-company using your 200-year-old dead body that had also already been violated by the selfsame alien entity. If you’re into to that, then I guess, you’ll find this episode sexually stimulating.
I for one, am completely on board with whatever freaky shit turns you on.
So anyway, this is a good episode and you should buy it.
And you could buy it, if we weren’t just *giving* it away. That’s right, all the entertainment we can jam into 30ish minutes for free!
Deal with that!



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2 Responses to 065 – Trust Your Gut

  1. Erin says:

    I can understand not including the AVP movies, because to hell with that crossover shit, but how come you guys didn’t watch Prometheus?

    • Couple of reasons.
      1) We watched 4 movies in a day as it was . . .
      2)We’re saving it. We covered the Predator movies and we’ll cover the crossovers. Prometheus is getting a sequel so we’ll probably cover both then. 🙂

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