057 – The Fortnight of Ultron

I’m going to be honest with you about a couple of things right out the gate. This episode is one of those rare ones where we fall on different sides of something. Both in how we felt about The Avengers 2, and also regarding some of the controversy surrounding it. Personally I think that’s some exciting podcasting that we can all get behind! Additionally I should mention that in order to discuss said controversy we needed to allow one minor spoiler be given. Consider that your official warning . . . but I wouldn’t worry about it that much.

Next episode we’re going to discuss something that isn’t Marvel related at all! I mean at least I don’t think it is. Wait is it?

Here’s to diversified coverage of all the things you love! See you next time!

Look, we talk about Marvel stuff a lot on this podcast, but what if we didn’t? Where would you get all your hot Marvel gossip – from one of the other thousands of places on the internet currently clamoring on about this stuff? I think not.
No, it’s a truly unique experience we provide here at ATWW, make no mistake about that. Nowhere else – literally, nowhere – will you hear anyone giving you the low down on the down low like we do. That’s my promise to you, loyal listener, and it’s a promise I take very seriously.
Go then, take this podcast and put it in your sound receptacles, and know that when you listen to A Trouble with Words, you’re getting the very “best” in podcast excellence!

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1 Response to 057 – The Fortnight of Ultron

  1. Erin says:

    If you’ve not watched the movie, don’t read my comments. You’ve been warned.

    That scene with Black Widow and the Hulk – I watched that and my reaction was “holy shit that is a horrendous thing to have happen.” I didn’t come out of it feeling like they had turned her character into a trope. That said, I didn’t really feel the budding romance between the two characters was needed. That entire scene of them talking about not being able to have the white picket fence life could have still happened without the budding romance. The point of it, I felt, was to drive home how much these two feel like outsiders, like monsters, and how they feel they can never have “normal” lives. Everyone on that farm is going through reflections, regrets, etc. and I felt that fit right in with the rest.

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