044 – Podcastober 3 : Sweet Deaths


So we made another one of those Podcastober things. Seemed like the thing to do. This one is basically the same as last year’s except with more better. If you don’t want us to throw this kitten down some stairs, then you’ll listen and you’ll like it. I’m not afraid to stab you with my Fabio / Crypt Keeper claw . . . wait what was I talking about? Right the art for this episode. It’s different and I think we’re going to make it a part of the tradition going forward. A unique movie poster for each new episode of Podcastober that isn’t just inserting us into an existing work. We might even look to make a promo horror themed video for each one going forward.

Also I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for their pledges and support in the recent Extra Life gaming marathon. We had a joint goal of $200.00 and ended up raising 217% of that! That’s a whopping $435.00! Also the staying up for 24 hours was a ton of fun and in no way harder than it should have been. We’ll tell you more about what games we played next episode. Thanks again!

Let us know in the comments what you’d like to see for future content from us and we’ll do our best to deliver. Have a safe night and avoid all of that horrible stuff that’s out to get you. It’s a scary time of year for sure.

Happy Halloween, and Happy Podcastober!
Thank you for joining us on one of the most special days of all the year! I’m sure you’ve been awaiting this day with much anticipation – ever since last Podcastober!
Anyway, this episode’s a real humdinger, and I hope you find it satisfactory.
If you don’t, well, there’s no accounting for taste, is there?
Love you,



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