040 – Summer Blockbuster


We did it, we made it 2 years! Every person said we would fail but they were wrong! When you think about it, it’s crazy how good we are at podcasting. I mean we were able to overcome so many obstacles to bring this show to you twice a month, that it’s obvious we deserve some sort of reward. Maybe you could tell your friends about us and spread the A Trouble with Words around a little. We don’t know for sure that it would lead to world peace if everyone listened, but we also don’t know that it wouldn’t. Do the right thing.

Of course I realize this being an anniversary we should give something as well. Which is why our gift to you is more of us, in the form of an hour long episode. This extra time on the mic allowed us to discuss The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Lego Movie in more detail. Two very different movies with more than a few things in common. Now it’s important to note that we keep the Guardians conversation spoiler free and blow the lid off The Lego one. If that seems out of character, it’s because it is. I guess there’s a mischievous pony out there causing some chaos.

In other news we have a very special, secret, surprise guest on this episode. I won’t say who it is, but I will tell you that we’ve been meaning to have them on for awhile. Also they say some pretty profound things while speaking with us, and we were fortunate enough to record it for the show. Listen and be changed for the better by it. Seriously.

Also if you haven’t seen it yet, our last post was a video of us performing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Give it a watch when you have a chance, and see if we challenged you to do the same. If it helps, we do put our own twist on it. Thanks for your support! Here’s to another 2 years!


Two years! That’s way longer than even I thought we’d be doing this for! We usually give up on our dreams way sooner than this! Just goes to show, two idiots with no real skills can come together and create something beautiful!

I hope you enjoy the show – I truly feel it’s one of our best! Share it! Spread the love! Even with people who don’t even know what podcasts are! Let us break them in! We’d love to take someone’s podcast virginity!

Anyway, enjoy it! See you in a few weeks!




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2 Responses to 040 – Summer Blockbuster

  1. Erin says:

    Claire is so cute!

  2. I agree. Justin must be doing something right. 🙂

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