037 – A New Hope

I’m not positive that I’m a Star Wars fan. I mean yeah, seeing it in the theater as a child effectively changed my life, but who is that not true for? Also I don’t really have any merchandise or even own a copy of the original trilogy on DVD/Blu-ray, and that’s not even the worst part. I probably would have those movies right now if not for the small issue of the original version not being available to own on disc. You can’t buy it because it’s simply not for sale. That’s the real reason I’m questioning my fan status by the way. I realized that I don’t like most of what’s out there in regards to the franchise. So can I call myself a fan if I only like a small part of something much bigger? What if I like that one part more than even the person that created it? That should count for something right? Anyway, I’m excited for the future of Star Wars now that it’s in the hands of literally anyone else. There’s still hope that it could be good again!

In this very special episode of A Trouble with Words we break the sound barrier and have two guests on at the same time. It’s pretty much the greatest thing since the internet. Please welcome our good friends Tim Knowlton and John Smith to the show!

Keep listening because next time we podcast our butts off and you don’t want to miss it!


When people ask me what it’s like to be the co-host of such a big-time podcast, like A Trouble with Words most certainly is, I usually say the same thing: “It’s pretty much way better than almost anything you can imagine.”
Most of the time people seem to accept that answer, but very occasionally I get someone who just has to see it for themselves, first hand. That’s why we have so many guests on the show – because we’re not greedy! We want to share the golden sunshine of our aural-honey with everyone, and allow them to spread some honey of their own.
Why does that sound so dirty? Because it is; do you even know what honey is, really? Look it up, it’s disgusting. But it’s also delicious, and it never spoils – this is the metaphor that just doesn’t quit!
Anyway, hope you like Star Wars, cause that’s what we’re talkin’bout.
And we brought some friends along!




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