035 – Josh & Justin’s Excellent Episode

The only thing I can really recall from the 80’s is the movies, and I saw a lot of them. They had a big influence on me during some very impressionable years of my life, and nothing more so than those stories involving time travel. I loved it. I loved everything about it and fantasized constantly about getting my own time machine and traveling to the future. The irony of course being that if I had such a device right now, I would first go to the decade of my youth. I mean how could you not? It would be like visiting some alien distant world where everyone wears the opposite of what looks good and speaks in a weird code. It’s such a shame that actual time travel isn’t possible.

Good news though. Turns out you don’t need a DeLorean, phone booth, pub loo, police box, or hot tub to visit the past. You can just watch a silly older movie about a couple of Wild Stallions and be transported there instantly.
Thanks for listening and telling your friends about us. See you last week!

This episode seems to have snuck up on us. I’m not saying that Josh and I weren’t up to the job, or that the we’re releasing a slap-dash, hurried product – truth be told, the quality of this episode is leagues above the last one, if only in terms of audio fidelity – this episode sounds so much better than the last one. It’s truly amazing what happens when you follow the rules/protocols/guidelines that you yourself create for the sole purpose of making your life easier.
Anyway, it seems like we just put up that last one, and here we are again, scrambling to put up another one. Josh is all like, “I need the episode by midnight so I can put it on the website,” and I’m all like, “Stop hassling me, bro. You’ll get it when I’m done editing all the stupid shit you said so you don’t sound like an idiot,” and he’s all like, “Whatever, man. I need it – soon,” and I’m all like, making faces that he can’t see because this was all over text.
I hope you like the episode – If you don’t, I certainly don’t want to hear about it, but by all means, let Josh know.



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1 Response to 035 – Josh & Justin’s Excellent Episode

  1. Matt Dodge says:

    This is my product testimonial. I listen to A Trouble With Words on headphones at work. Because Josh and Justin are often laugh out loud funny, I often laugh out loud when listening to each new podcast. Last night, this proved socially awkward when a coworker, who could neither hear nor appreciate the hilarity hitting my ears, thought I was laughing at him and perhaps considered hitting my face. I nearly got my ass kicked! Thanks A Trouble With Words!

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