034 – One Step at a Time

I’ve been told that I can be too loud. My voice just seems to carry for some reason, and on occasion can even drown out what other people are saying. It’s a curse. Clearly it was only a matter of time before Justin found a way to silence me and take center stage. Well played sir.

This episode has some of our best material yet. We discuss sexism in gaming and two of the best first person indie games I’ve ever played. Honestly it’s probably a good thing that I was knocked down a few decibels. If I had been allowed my usual volume I probably would have been unbearable with self righteousness and moral superiority. This way I can be less intense by sitting farther away from the mic. Seems like a win-win to me.

As always thanks for listening!

The audio on this one is a little off, and that’s my fault. We usually test everything before we start recording and for whatever reason (alcohol?) it didn’t happen this time. Luckily, I sound great. Josh sounds like he’s in another room. Which is fine, I don’t really like being in the same room with him anyway. I tried an array of different programs and effects to make it better, and while certainly better than it was, it’s still not up to our normal level of mediocrity.
That said, I think the episode is a good one – we talk about a couple of games you should play, and touch on some IMPORTANT SOCIAL ISSUES.
Seriously though – sorry about the quality – It’ll be better next time (or Josh will punish me).
Enjoy the show!



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Topics mentioned: Soda Drinker Pro, The Stanley Parable, Portal, Portal 2, Skyrim, Dungeon Defenders, Gone Home, Depression Quest, Anita Sarkeesian, Ms. Male Character, Jack Thompson, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Stepbrothers

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  1. Erin says:

    <3 you guys

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