Episode 025 – Sherlock and Load


Today’s episode is about a lot of things. Mostly the podcast itself, but also TV and other stuff. Specifically we use our powers of observation on the show Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumbersomething and that guy from the Hobbit. It’s one of our all time favorite television shows, so trust me when I say that it’s not horrible, and you’ll probably like it. I mean unless you don’t like good things . . . and I just realized that explains why you listen to our . . . I’m off topic, that’s not what I want you to be focusing on right now. When you find yourself lost in this episode please pay some attention to how great we sound. It’s almost like we got a new high quality microphone or something. Now I realize we’re not perfect with it yet, but as time goes on we’ll work out any kinks and become experts at talking into it. I mean obviously it’s gonna take some practice. Oh and in the next month or so we’ll be experimenting with redesigning our logo and banner images! So if you see something new go up and either love it or hate it, then please let us know. It’s an exciting time to be a listener!

Speaking of which, We have the best fans on earth! Ok maybe “fan” is a strong word, but you know what I mean. People that listen to our show and then come back and listen to it again. We’re just so incredibly thankful for everyone’s support that we had to find a way to let you know. And what’s the best way to express gratitude? Free stuff! What’s the best free stuff? Xbox Live Arcade games of course! First let me clarify one thing; this is not a bribe. I’m not going to force you to like our Facebook page, or write 5 star reviews for us on iTunes. This is simply meant as a way of thanking the people that support us, and has absolutely no strings attached. Although that said, PLEASE DO THOSE THINGS! I mean lets be honest, it’s hard enough being us in today’s world. Every little bit helps.

To get your FREE Xbox Live Arcade Game just send us a message (Email, Facebook, Twitter, or here on the Main Page) and we’ll send you the direct download code. It’s just that easy! There are 3 different games with multiple copies of each. Supplies are limited, so I suggest you move fast! See you next time and thanks again for all of your support!


Sometimes I write these things, thinking to myself, “No one is going to read this. A handful of people are going to listen to the show, but no one’s going to bother going to the website to read the drivel we cough up twice a month…” Well, it’s been called to my attention that people are reading this drivel, and I just want to say, if you’re one of the people that takes the time to read this stuff, I’m truly grateful – honestly, thanks.

Anyway, this episode is a little bit all over the place in terms of topic, but I think it just serves to really highlight our leveled-up sound quality… At least, I hope it sounds better… It sounds better to me, anyway. Thanks again to our mysterious benefactor!
Enjoy the show!


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2 Responses to Episode 025 – Sherlock and Load

  1. Erin says:

    The sound is great guys! I’ve not watched Sherlock yet (it’s on my list) but Elementary is good, I really enjoy it. I am woefully behind on Dr. Who and started watching through from season 1 again – blowing my mind with all the hints and things they had going the whole time. Fantastic.

  2. Charolette says:

    Woww that wass unusual. I just wrote aan very long comment bbut fter I
    clickedd submit myy comment didn’t shhow up. Grrrr… well I’m not
    witing all thzt ovdr again. Anyways, jus wanted to sayy superb blog!

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