Episode 004 – It’s About Time

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In honor of the holidays we prepared a freshly baked episode of A Trouble with Words just for you. Well at least we intended to prepare something. Honestly with all the stresses of life building up we had difficulty finding even a single free moment. So we put off the December episode until January. What’s one month we figured? I mean we’d be back with a new episode before most people even noticed. What harm could it do? Of course January became February and then that became another Christmas. In what seemed like only an instant years began to vanish without so much as an update on our Facebook page. Humanity’s last hope had faded away to nothing. A Trouble with Words had gone dark.

58 years later I was floating around a Walmart Superplanet when I saw something on the clearance rack that I had to own. It instantly reminded me of the podcast I use to have. The one I put off for a month and then never returned to. An action that would forever be known in history as the biggest blunder of my life. Yet now staring back at me for the bargain price of 15 credits was a way to finally set that mistake right. Swiping the purchasing scanner over my eye I quickly gathered my things and raced home. With only a brief stop to thaw Justin from his Upper East Side CryoWait Tube we arrived at my HoloRoom Living Space and struggled to open the packaging. It appeared to be as advertised. Travel through time and space. Batteries not required.

So here we are with a new episode of your favorite podcast on the day it was supposed to be released. Our sincerest apologies for taking so long.

When I found out that my future self had spent the majority of “The Future” in a cryogenic holding pattern, I was pretty surprised. I’m grateful now, for the chance to make things right with this podcast. I hope that you take it, stuff it in your earholes, and let its message of love and hope wash over you, through you. Let our voices be the smooth voice-butter on your ear-English-Muffins. Let us get in all the nooks and crannies. Then, when it’s over, do it again. And again. It’ll be like your own little time machine, that just repeats the same hour of idiocy over and over….

Things Discussed, however briefly, during the show:
Looper, Back To The Future, Back To The Future 2, Back To The Future 3, 12 Monkeys, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Misfits, Continuum, Braid, Prince Of Persia:Sands Of Time, Back To The Future:The Game, Hot Tub Time Machine, Butterfly Effect, Time Cop, Star Trek:The Next Generation, Star Trek:Deep Space Nine, Primer, Doctor Who, Twilight:Breaking Dawn, Twilight:Blood Moon


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2 Responses to Episode 004 – It’s About Time

  1. John Smith says:

    Best episode ever. Well, at least, best description of an episode ever. I haven’t listened yet. I’m doing that now. Because it’s clearly the best episode ever.

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